Sidel Heineken Austria Puntigamer Bottles

Heineken makes big strides in the beer industry

The group introduces first PET beer bottles in Austria following success in Eastern Europe

Environmental factors

Following the previous successes in Slovakia and the Czech Republic of PET bottles, the Heineken Group has expanded its production of bottling beer in PET to Austria. Production began with the legendary Austrian pale ale brand Puntigamer. A sizeable acquisition, Heineken Austria decided to invest in the technology as PET bottles are more environmentally friendly, easier to recycle and dispose of, and of course, a lot safer to handle and use.  The new bottle represents a revolution in a market that is known for its firm attachment to tradition. 


Sidel Heineken Austria Puntigamer Single BottleMinimum investment costs

Sidel was tasked with creating the bottle design. This was based on pre-existing formats in order to reduce the changeover time and comply with the customer's request to keep the investment costs to a minimum. Marketing samples were then produced within a week so that the new design could be approved. Eight months after the initial discussions began between Sidel and Heineken's Marketing Director in Austria, the first 1.5L PET bottles containing Puntigamer were being rolled off the bottling lines. 


Project highlights

  • First PET bottled beer in Austria
  • Eight months from first discussions to production
  • Sidel designed new bottle
  • New moulds fitted on the SBO 10 Universal blower


New moulds

Following on from the new PET bottles, Sidel then launched production on new moulds, which were fitted on the SBO 10 Universal blower that is operating on a Sidel line.  The beer is flash pasteurised to ensure shelf life. Heineken launched a marketing campaign, including a popular TV advertisement to mark the occasion.

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