Sidel helps Hana Water to squeeze into juice market

When Hana Water recognised the potential of the new, rapidly expanding beverages market, it decided to make the move into juices and juice-based drinks. Sidel developed the optimum solution for this transition into this new area.

Most advanced production technologies

The largest mineral water supplier in Saudi Arabia, Hana Water utilises some of the most advanced production technologies in the industry.  It recognised the potential of the new, rapidly expanding beverages market  and decided to make the move into juices and juice-based drinks.  Sidel was entrusted with the responsibility of helping Hana Water to meet the biggest challenge within the project.


Sidel_Hana_Water_Saudi_Arabia_EquipmentBenefits of dry-decontamination

The choice of the aseptic Sidel PET line with Combi Predis™ FMa was determined by several different factors; environmental factors, bottle design and brand positioning and bottle capacity. The Predis system uses absolutely no water and very few chemicals in the sterilisation process, reduces energy consumption, minimises floor space and helps lower maintenance costs. The company gained extra confidence when its representatives visited other users of Sidel aseptic technology in Europe and reassured Hana Water that Sidel's dry-decontamination technology was indeed the right choice.



Better bottles and longer life

The ability to produce light-weighted bottles rather than traditional hot-filled juice bottles was another key factor for Hana Water. Production of bottled water was the first food sector to apply light-weighting technology and Sidel had previously demonstrated its expertise in this area. Furthermore, Hana Water wanted to be able to eventually produce longer-life products without preservatives and the company realised that achieving these goals would mean embracing aseptic technology. Sidel coordinated and cooperated seamlessly with other suppliers on the line, including Tetra Pak for process control and piping. According to Ahmed H. AL Theyab, Managing Director of Hana Water "Having the combined expertise of Sidel and Tetra Pak was very valuable, especially on issues like closure and bottle-neck finish, material distribution, prevention of oxidation and overall output efficiency. Now we will achieve optimal protection for our preservative-free juice products and up to nine months of shelf life in local environment conditions."


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