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With minimal disruption, Sidel shows its ability to add new technology to an existing line for Maltese producer

Thorough Sidel analysis and quick installation

With the high season about to start, the decision to acquire a new Sidel Rollquattro Evolution labeller was taken after GSD had considered the retrofitting of an existing rollfed machine. Brian Galea, Technical Manager at GSD commented "We quickly saw the value of the option that Sidel was suggesting, particularly when we realised the potential for installing it in such a short timeframe."


 Flexible labelling, compact footprint

In a highly competitive bottled water market, every aspect of production at GSD is measured to ensure profitability. With roughly three changes in production every day, production flexibility in terms of materials, formats and labels is essential to GSD. The new Rollquattro Evolution linear station design has a compact footprint and easy access, makingchangeovers in format much faster, in only thirty minutes.


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  • Complete installation of Sidel Rollquattro Evolution rollfed labeller in only five days
  • Great labelling efficiency at 25,000 bph
  • Only 30 minutes to carry changeovers (0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 litre PET bottles)


Minimum disruption and greater efficiency

With a potential output rate of up to 25,000 bottles per hour, the new Rollquattro Evolution from Sidel is for the application of rollfed labels. For GSD, the whole process, from dismantling the old labeller to the producer of the first sellable bottles on the new Rollquattro Evolutiontook only five days.

"With the new machine fitted within a matter of days - and Customer Acceptance Validation reached in under three weeks as we had requested - we were able to tackle production for our high season witheven greater labelling efficiency" explained Brian Galea.


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