Sidel Fruital Coca-Cola, Algeria

A complete new PET line for Fruital Coca-Cola

A leading bottler in Algeria, Fruital Coca-Cola has chosen a new Sidel line for their Algiers plant

A steady partnership

Following the success of two glass bottling lines, two PET lines, a canning line and two SBO 6 blowers, Fruital Coca-Cola recently placed an order for a complete PET line for their Algiers plant.  Algeria has a burgeoning soft drinks market and Fruital Coca-Cola is one of the leading bottlers in the country.


African markets

Fruital Coca-Cola Sarl was founded in 2006 by Spanish group Equatorial Coca-Cola bottling company.  Fruital Coca-Cola's wide product range includes Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite.  As well as a strong player in the domestic market, the company also has a good foothold in the Western and North African markets.  To meet the demand for the huge soft drinks market in Algeria, Fruital has invested in a wealth of Sidel equipment.


Smooth installation process

After continuous growth and excellent potential for the future, Fruital Coca-Cola decided to invest further in a standard line that is dedicated to producing leading products such as 1L and 2L bottles.  The line is capable of producing 18,000bph and 16,000bph respectively.  Both of these size bottles are also provided in two formats and three different bottle designs.  Because of the smooth installation process and positive experiences of using Sidel equipment, mother company ECCBC has plans to invest in another line for the Algiers plant.