Sidel Fonti di Posina, Italy bottles

First Sidel Combi Predis™ FMA in Italy achieves 95%

Fonti Di Posina invests in Sidel’s combined aseptic blow-fill-cap solution with dry decontamination of preforms and caps

Widening its offering to meet demand

Fonti Di Posina originally invested in an aseptic bottling line in the year 2000. It soon established a reputation as a co-packer for teas and fruit juices, although its limited production capacity was holding Fonti Di Posina back. The company decided to invest in a Sidel line equipped with a low output, aseptic integrated blow-fill-cap solution with dry decontamination for both preforms and caps. Antonio Biella, shareholder of holding company Montecristo said "We became convinced of the performance of the dry preform decontamination solution".


Sidel Fonti Di Posina, Italy fillerEnergy savings by 43%

The Combi Predis™ FMa line was installed as an extension to the existing plant, its compact and linear footprint simplifying the installation process. The Sidel aseptic blow fill cap solution is already proving its value, having reached 95% efficiency. Equipped with the low output aseptic blow-fill-cap solution, the line is now responsible for the production of more than 40 different recipes for retailers and private labels. Fitted with Sidel's ecological oven, the Combo Predis™ FM has also created a saving of 43% in the use of electricity.



  • Installation of Sidel's Combi Predis™ FMa
  • Uses no water and fewer chemicals
  • Saving of 43% in electricity
  • Lightweighting of bottles by 20%
  • Eliminated use of aluminium foil
  • Consistently achieving 95% efficiency


Sidel Fonti Di Posina, Italy linePlans to double aseptic production capacity

President, Matteo Frugani said: "Due to the new solution, we are making tremendous PET savings  by reducing the weight of our bottles as they no longer have the thermal constraints associated with the bottle decontamination. For example our 1.5 litre bottle was lightweighted by around 20%, from 39 gram to 32 gram. We have also eliminated the use of aluminium foil." The company has plans to increase production capacity  further to 100 million units with extra lines.


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