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Emirates Refreshments Company achieves 25% savings

Sidel helps UAE producer carry out upgrades on its PET bottling line to boost efficiency and maintain a competitive edge

Production line upgrades

In the UAE, the beverage sector is expected to continue growing across various categories. In 2015, the consumption of water, the most consumed beverage item, stood at around 1.13 billion litres and is forecast to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 7.2 per cent to reach 1.48 billion litres by 2019. Toboost efficiency andmaintain a competitive edge in this tough market, Emirates Refreshments Company decided toupgrade its production line.


Innovative solutions

Lightweight bottles_waterMunther Khlifat, Plant Manager at ERC, says "We had worked with Sidel for the past 17 years and we have always been satisfied with their solutions." The company changed its packaging by moving to bottles with a Sidel StarLite™ base and a short neck. "By upgrading our PET production line with Sidel'sinnovative solutions, we were able to makesubstantial cost savings that translated in 25% annually."



  • Substantial cost savings that translate to 25 per cent annually
  • New bottle designs that weigh much less
  • Sidel blower, filler and Combi, with packaging and line improvements
  • Increased efficiency - with savings in energy, raw material and production costs


Reduced energy consumption and cost savings

Emirates Refreshment logoSolutions included a blower, a filler and a Combi with packaging and line improvements. Sidel ECO lamps were introduced to providemore precise and efficient heating to the line. This hasreduced the electricity consumption and therefore contributed to thecost savings achieved as well as improving the line's performance in terms ofsustainability. The Sidel StarLite base gives the bottles added durability, stability and overall resistance - giving greater integrity throughout the entire supply chain without compromising the safety standards of the contents.



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