Lebanese dynasty El Sahely turns to Sidel

The leading beverage company was the first bottler to use PET and is now reaping the rewards with a new Combi line

Moving into new markets

Founded with a mission of growing quickly and successfully within the mineral water market, El Sahely also had the ambition of expanding in to the juice, CSD and flavoured water markets.  Its goal was to double its production capacity and its workforce, which now counts about 400 employees - by 2012.  The first step was completed in April 2009, when Purangol, a young company managed by Youssef El Sahely, decided to invest in the Aqua Perla mineral water brand with Sidel.



  • Purangol move into juice, CSD and flavoured water markets
  • Purangol doubles capacity
  • Ragec has become the leading mineral water producer and distributor in Congo


Sidel_El_Sahely_Angola_LabelPurangol in Angola

As a result, production capacity has already gone from 200,000 to 700,000 bottles per day, after Purangol ordered a complete PET line as well as the "dry part" for an existing line.  The new Combi PET line for ozonated water included an SBO14 Universal blow moulder in Combi configuration with a Europa WM filler, an Aidlin 24 cap elevator, a Rollquattro labeller, Cermex shrink wrapper and carton case, a Kombi palletiser and conveyors for bottles, packs and cartons.


Sidel_El_Sahely_Angola_Water_DropRagec in the Congo

The line produces two bottles formats (0.6 and 1.5L) at a speed of 25,200 bph.  A new end-of-line with the same Sidel equipment will also be integrated into the previously installed PET bottling line, which runs at 14,000 bph.  In business for only five years, Ragec, the company owned by Samy El Sahely, has become the leading mineral water producer and distributor  in the Congo.  As the country's first bottler to use PET, the Brazzaville-based company produces and markets the Cristal brand for the local market.  When we consider that the Brazzaville metro area has a population of nearly one million, we can understand the satisfaction of company manager, Samy El Sahely.



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