Sidel Danone Russia Bottles

World’s first Combi for packaging dairy with fruit pieces

Danone in Russia is running a new PET bottling line for the Activia brand equipped with Combi Predis™

Increasing market share

To benefit from the growth of the dairy products market, Danone has made substantial investments. The group expanded its capacity, enlarging the Chekhov site and installing lines to increase dairy products - the objective being to carry on increasing market share. The set-up includes a line equipped with the Combi Predis™ Hema GWm 20/48/20K.


Sidel Danone Russia LineFour to five product changeovers each day

A feature of Sidel's solution is the dosing precision offered by the GWm net weight filler: the difficulty arises because of the size of the fruit cubes (about 7mm) being added to a viscous product.  Another challenge was ensuring the flexibility of the machines, which twice a week have to package each of the 15 products that Danone markets in the country.  The products have different viscosities, bottle sizes and compositions and switching often requires a change of mould and end-of-line equipment - as well as cleaning.  The required flexibility is provided by the Combi, without loss of productivity.


From HDPE to PET

The bottle was created by the Sidel design department: design, marketing mould, process tests and validation, logistics tests and creation of a sleeker, more "feminine" shape  with a narrow "waist" for gripping.  The line is running 24 hours each day, seven days a week at a speed of 36,000 bph for the Activia brand.  Danone project manager Guy de Saint-Méloir explains "Because of the integrated manufacture of our bottles as well as the switch from HDPE to PET, we have secured major savings in both production and the cost of raw materials."


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