Investing in a premium look and performance

Cott USA relies on Sidel’s expertise in PET bottle development, line design, execution and innovative Combi equipment technology

Value for customers

To be competitive and create value for its customers, Cott, one of the world's largest non-alcoholic beverage companies and the world's largest retailer brand soft drink company, realises it has to offer a high quality product in an attractive package and also be a low-cost producer.  For this reason, when it was time to invest in new production capacity, Cott turned to Sidel.



Aggressive lightweighting

The new bottle, designed by Sidel, is the lightest on the market.  Jon Carter, Senior Director of Engineering explains "Frankly, we have to be aggressive in bottle lightweighting.  Our new 20 oz. Water bottle is at 15 grams today, but we're working toward 13 grams and on from there."  At the top of Cott's list were innovation, proven technology, flexibility, multiple packaging formats, ability to meet consumer demands, capability and the ability to execute.  "With Sidel, we got all of this and the confidence, based on historical experience, to continue to innovate and to be head of the market in bottling technology."

Project Highlights

  • PET bottle design and development
  • Bottling line design, execution and installation of Sidel's innovative Combi blow-fill equipment technology
  • Lightest water bottle on the market



Confidence to innovate

If national brands have a package weight of 16 grams, because of Cott's profit structure with the customer, its bottles need to weigh 15 or 14 grams to be competitive.  The reason Cott chose Sidel's Combi and has made it the company's new standard platform is due to the operational, financial and environmental advantages  it offers.  "Sidel has completed multiple, full water line implementations for Cott as well as upgrading multiple lines to run our new, lightweight 20 oz. water bottle."


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