Sidel Coca-Cola SABCO South Africa II bottles

Coca-Cola SABCO installs first Sidel Matrix™ system in Africa

First Sidel Matrix™ system to be installed in the whole of Africa, has already achieved 95% line efficiency

Faster production and greater efficiency

Coca-Cola SABCO needed a new PET production line to capitalise on a growing domestic market for cola carbonates. Equipped with the company's latest technologies, the Sidel Matrix system offers a higher level of performance, very fast changeover time, greater oven efficiency andimproved uptime. Yet it does so with reduced environmental impact by minimising the resources used. This means that Coca-Cola SABCO is using less energy, water and chemicals while having the capability of producing ultra-lightweighted bottles.


Sidel Coca-Cola SABCO South Africa II lineAchieving 95% line efficiency

The complete line at the Polokwane plant featured a Sidel Matrix Combi, equipped with 20 blowing stations and 165 filling valves, as well as a Starblend mixer, a Sidel Rollquattro roll-fed labeller and a palletiser. It is used to produce several of the company's larger formats, including its 2 litre version, and is capable of production rates of 32,500 bottles per hour. The line passed its Customer Acceptance Validation at the first attempt with a score of 95% for production of the 2 litre bottle.  



  • Installation of complete production line featuring Sidel Matrix Combi equipped with 20 blowing stations and 165 filling valves
  • Line achieved 95% efficiency
  • Starblend mixer
  • Sidel Rollquattro roll-fed labeller
  • Palletiser


Sidel Coca-Cola SABCO South Africa II equipmentOutstanding hygiene performance

Sidel Matrix Combi combines the benefits of Sidel's technologies into one integrated blow-fill-cap solution. It has a single enclosure and requires no intermediate equipment to deliver outstanding hygiene performance. It enables significant bottle lightweighting without compromising filled-and-capped performance. Its overall efficiency and compact size, easy maintenance and low energy consumption can all contribute to further savings.


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