Sidel Bonafont Mexico bottles

Sidel helps Bonafont respond to increasing demand

First Modulomold™ manufactured at Sidel’s Guadalajara Packaging & Tooling Centre was designed for Bonafont bottled water

Greater customisation from a single mould

Mexican water bottler Bonafont approached Sidel to provide a solution that met increasing demands for productivity and offered greater customisation of packaging. This was achieved with Sidel Modulomold.  With this technology, several bottles of the same size (up to 0.7L) can be produced in a single mould.


Sidel Bonafont Mexico mouldsA quick turnaround

An order of 15 moulds for the 300ML bottle of flavoured water in 'Sofia Shape', a design owned and developed by parent company Danone, was placed by Bonafont and the moulds were delivered five weeks later.


Environmental factors

Using removable inserts for quick and simple changeovers, the Modulomold from Sidel was manufactured at the Guadalajara Packaging & Tooling Centre in Mexico. This solution makes changing bottle shapes easier, offers production flexibility and increased cost savings. Additionally, the Modulomold improves sustainability and optimises the use of environmental resources, a key factor for Bonafont.