Sidel Barr UK Bottles Lineup

A.G. Barr looks to increase output across PET production

Two new Combis from Sidel increase production speed up to 75% whilst reducing environmental impact

Compact and small footprint

With the overall objective of increasing output across PET production, A.G. Barr decided to renew its PET bottling lines by installing Sidel Combis in its Cumbernauld plant.  The first is a high-speed Combi (48,000bph) and the second combines an SBO 14 Universal and a Eurotronica FM-C.  The order also included the respective conveyors, a cap steriliser and a Rollquattro F35 labeller. In both cases, the fillers have more compact chambers and therefore a smaller footprint.


Sidel Barr UK FillingSome of the UK's favourite drinks

Barr's is a national business with strong roots in Scotland and the north of England with sixteen sites, including five manufacturing plants.  As well as IRN-BRU, the company's other brands include Tizer, Strathmore Spring Water and Rubicon exotic juice drinks. They are also the UK franchise partner of Schweppes International Limited.



  • High-speed Combi (48,000bph)
  • Conveyors
  • Cap steriliser
  • Rollquattro F35 labeller


No production downtime

A.G. Barr wanted to create savings by using less material  and asked Sidel to take into account a number of key criteria: blowing pressure, filling temperature and the quantity of raw material used for preforms and caps. Despite the fact that the new machines in the first line had to be added to an existing line, work was scheduled to continueduring installation.  To do so with a minimum number of stoppages, assembly was divided into seven stages - alternating existing and new machines day and night until the new machines reached a speed that ensured target output. 


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