Alpla Mexico II bottle big

Repeat order for Sidel Matrix blower from Alpla Mexico

Plastic packaging provider Alpla of Mexico order another Sidel Matrix™ after successfully field-testing the Sidel Matrix SBO 24 blow moulder

Advanced blowing technology

Alpla invested in the two blowers in order to provide Coca-Cola Femsa, one of the largest bottlers in the world, with PET bottles in the most efficient way.  Installed in a wall-to-wall configuration in Coca-Cola Femsa's plant in Toluca, the machines are now in production 24/7.  Technical and Purchasing Director at Alpla, Mark Stark explains "Other criteria which were key in the decision process were ease of operation and maintenance for the technicians as well as changeover flexibility for different beverages."


Capability for wide range of materials

Alpla Mexico II machine

The challenge in both cases was to limit the consequences of installation and start-up on production, as the old machines had to be stopped in parallel.  Martin Stark continues "The two new SBO 24 Sidel Matrix blowers came in to replace the previous generation of Sidel blow moulders - one SBO 16, two SBO 18 and one SBO 20 blower. The bottle scrap rate is lower than production on the blow-label-fill solution and the reduced footprint of the machines has increased our storage capacity for preforms."




  • Line filling efficiency of up to 98%
  • Producing 2,200 bph per mould; 400ml and 600ml format bottles
  • Lightweighting of bottles
  • Bottle Switch™ reducing changeover time
  • 2 x SBO 24 Sidel Matrix™ blow moulders


Potential for lightweighting

Alpla Mexico II man_holding_bottle

Martin Stark adds "This latest solution shows great improvement over the former technology.  It allows us to use a wider range of PET materials and offers great potential for lightweighting.  Even if the production of bottles with 50% PCR PET preforms is generally more complex in terms of process, performance of the bottles was right from the outset.  We have also been able toreduce the weight of the 400ml bottle from 20.5g to 15.5g, respecting the specifications of Coca-Cola, which remain unchanged."



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