Sidel Alpla bottle

ALPLA turns to Sidel to help supply 900 million bottles over eight years

The major bottle manufacturer ALPLA has won a contract to supply Coca-Cola bottler ArcaContinental and has ordered 11 Sidel SBO Universal2eco to meet demand

Eight-year contract

After winning this significant contract, ALPLA turned to Sidel to supply blow moulding machinery. The order of eleven blow moulders and a large number of moulds was the largest ever placed by ALPLA and will ensure the supply of 900 million bottles over eight years to ArcaContinental in Mexico.


Sidel Alpla preform

A range of formats

The order for all 11 SBO Universal2eco blow moulders was fulfilled via several shipments between November 2011 and February 2012. With an output rate of 12,000 to 54,000 bottles per hour, they can handle bottle sizes ranging from 0.25L to 2.5L. The machines are on ArcaContinental's facilities and therefore in line with the rest of production. This avoids logistical problems such as shipping and transportation and the associated costs. 


Sidel Alpla equipment

Sidel's solution

  • 11 x SBO Universal2eco blow moulders
  • Including Ecoven and Bottle Switch™
  • Up to 2,200 bottles per hour
  • Coca-Cola bottle shapes, 250ml to 3L
  • 21 different shapes and sizes
  • 1,200 moulds with Kohlox™ - eliminating the need for regular greasing/degreasing of moulds


Advanced technology

All 11 blow moulders benefit from Sidel's advanced technology and high specification. The incorporation of Ecoven into the blow moulding system means that fewer heating modules or lamps are needed and preform heating time is reduced. Together with Sidel's Bottle Switch system for quick format changeovers, ALPLA is able to fulfill the demanding requirements of the ArcaContinental production lines.


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