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Algar Agro produces lightest 900ml bottle for edible oil

Sidel has collaborated with Brazilian producer to create world’s lightest 900ml bottle for edible oil – reducing weight to only 14 grams

Weight saving of 22%

Sidel has collaborated with Algar Agro to reduce the total weight of its 900ml PET bottle for edible oil. The bottle was redesigned without any obvious changes to the customer in its well-established external appearance. Working together, the companies were able toreduce the total weight of the finished bottle from 18 to 14 grams.


Algar Agro lineLightweighting expertise

Edney Valente Lima Filho, Project Manager for Algar Agro explained: "We put together the best industry suppliers and this is reflected in the project results. The success of Sidel was assured by the know-how demonstrated during the negotiation to propose and ensure the new bottle for vegetable oil - the lightest in the world!"




Algra Agro Sidel machine


  • Creation of world's lightest 900ml bottle in PET for vegetable oil
  • Well-established bottle was re-designed without obvious changes to the customer
  • Installation of two Sidel Matrix™ blowers
  • Output speeds of 25,000 PET bottles of vegetable oil per hour


Modular blowing brings significant benefits

With the acquisition of two Sidel Matrix™ blowers - one at each of its production plants - Algar Agro believes it is the first oil producer in Brazil with integrated injection and blowing in its PET production process.

Sidel carried out feasibility tests for the new design at its Packaging & Tooling Centre in Guadalajara, Mexico. The facility in Mexico's second largest city demonstrates the company's focus on transferring its global knowledge to producers at a local level and, in doing so, helping to meet the growing demand in this market. 



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