AB Inbev Ukraine Bottle

Sidel ensures AB InBev brings new look to Ukraine’s favourite beer

When Anheuser-Busch InBev decided to redesign a popular “local champions” bottle, it relied on Sidel to make it happen

Packaging capabilities

When AB InBev decided to redesign the bottles of the popular beer Chernigivske, it relied on Sidel to help make it happen.  Positive past experience with Sidel helped influence the decision together with Sidel's extensive capabilities in packaging and tooling. Chernigivske is a light and refreshing 'lager' beer, occupying a leading position among the different national brands.  Being the pride of the Ukraine brewery it has won various prizes in competitions thanks to its special recipe which comes from the city of Chernigov.


Producing over 200 different brands of beer

A consumer-focused, sales driven organisation, AB InBev is one of the world's top consumer product companies.  It manages a portfolio of over 200 beer brands and holds the No.1 or No.2 market position in many of the world's top beer markets. The company employs approximately 150,000 people throughout the world and produces multi-country brands like Leffe and Hoegaarden.  It also produces strong 'local champions' such as Bud Light (Canada) and Bud-Light (US).  In the Ukraine, the 'local champion' is Chernigivske lager. 



  • Close collaboration of client's team with Sidel specialists in various disciplines
  • Fast turnaround of two pilot moulds
  • Rigorous testing of two pilot moulds
  • Compatibility testing
  • Creation of industrial moulds
  • Installation


Improved design for achieving substantial growth

To develop the perfect prototype, Sidel worked closely with representatives from various disciplines, from marketing and tech specialists to in-house designers. Once this phase was complete, Sidel turned around two pilot moulds in a very short time and began rigorous testing phases on the bottles. Pleased with the results, AB InBev validated the designs and Sidel moved quickly to create the industrial moulds, install them on site, and start them up on all the blowers, including those of other suppliers, which required compatibility testing, a key element for AB InBev.

According to Dimitry Rudyuk, CEE Packaging Development Specialist, AB InBev is satisfied with the partnership and services provided. "We were happy to see that Sidel was experienced in moulds supply and not merely an equipment provider".

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