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AB InBev invests in beer in PET

The 5000th blow moulder sold by Sidel is up and running in Romania, producing PET beer bottles for the world’s leading beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Dependent on innovation

Already equipped with about 40 blow moulders, AB InBev has ordered an SBO 14/20 Universal for the production of 2 and 3L PET bottles.  This is the 5,000th blow moulderproduced by Sidel. Producing around 400 million litres annually, AB InBev produces brands such as Beck's and Stella Artois and has a market share of about 19%, which places the company in the top three nationally.  "Whether local or global, these strong brands are all dependent on innovation," stresses AB InBev management.  As such, the company regularly upgrades its products, bottles and equipment.


Sidel AB InBev Romania Red bottle glassGrowing market

PET is proving attractive to Romanian beer market consumers and represents about 48% of all bottles.  With per capita consumption of nearly 100 litres presently, compared to 55 litres in 2000, Romania is one of the world's top 10 beer-drinking countries.  The Romanian Brewers' Association explained this increased consumption the result of economic growthin the country with a population over 21 million, increased purchasing power and favourable weather conditions.



Project highlights

  • SBO 14/20 Universal
  • Producing 2 and 3L PET bottles
  • 5,000th blow moulder produced by Sidel


Sidel AB InBev Romania Green BottleDriving PET development

Sidel holds the world record for the largest installed base of blow moulders, representing more than one out of every two bottles blown. Sidel's strengths speak for themselves; proven technology for nearly 30 years, excellent responsiveness of its production teams  - 90% of blow moulders are delivered within 12 weeks - and its exemplary after-sales service.  All over the world, about 1,000 experts monitor, maintain and improve the productivity of Sidel machines.  Sidel continues to drive the development of PET applications, not only with its blow moulding technology but also with its knowledge about PET and its skillsin packaging development.


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